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The alarm gets dismissed even if the photo is not the same. Also, it stops when i take photos. Easily turned off. Not a good app. Waste of money.

Easy to fool the app

Turns out if you take a picture of a white space like the wall or white bedsheets the alarm will also turn off. Originally I set my alarm so that I have to take a picture of my bathroom sink in order to turn it off. However one morning in my half-asleep stupor I accidentally took a picture of my bed. It was closeup with nothing else in the picture but a smooth white bedsheet. The alarm turned off!!! Since then Ive tested it many times and its always the same result. I no longer use it. Its too easy to fool the app.

The only thing that has worked.

I am an RN that has to be up at 5:30 on the days I work. I have always worked nights until I had a baby. Since moving to day shift, I have struggled every single day with trying to get out of bed. I set 5 different alarms and hit snooze for at least 30 min and always ended up late. I downloaded and paid for several alarm apps and this is by far the best and the only one that has worked for me. I have to get up and take a picture of my coffee maker and I havent gone back to bed, not even once, since using this alarm. This alarm is a lifesaver and worth every penny.

Great app

Very effective

This app has changed my life

This is an amazing app because it forces you to wake up. I usually have a tendency to shut alarms off while being half asleep, but for this alarm clock by the time you shut the alarm off youre wide awake and ready to start your day. It has absolutely changed my life. I used to dread having to get up early because Id worry I wouldnt wake up to an alarm clock. I dont have this issue anymore. 10/5 stars!

Battery drainer

Drains battery. If I dont forget to force close it, it continuously runs in the background. Thanks to ios 9, I know that it took up 14% of my battery today because it ran for 8.2 hours in the background.

Save your money

The app is glitchy and consumes a lot of power compared to others. When ever I try to use it the app is slow which piss me off in the morning. I had to reopen the app several times for it to finally save my alarm after the tutorial. Which the tutorial is not helpful at all. There are free apps much better than this one.

Best alarm app out there but...

Ive never written a review but since I want to support apps I really love and I think the majority dont know about, Ill just say that this app is probably the most effective alarm clock yet. I gave it four stars because I just got the 6s Plus phone and the app has a lot of issues on it. Please, please make it more Plus friendly!


Loved this app until I left an alarm on by accident. Its not obvious how to override the picture-taking feature to turn off an alarm. I had to delete the app to quiet my phone :(

Mostly love it!

With the new iOS update I cant close the app. Its several hours after my alarm went off and I want to close the app but as soon as I do it goes off again!!! Its a good thing I dont have a picture turn off or I would be in real trouble!


Good, great idea, couple bugs

Hands down the best

Easily the best alarm app out there. No questions asked. Its the only thing that works and gets me out of bed in the morning. Because of this app Im wildly more productive. Keep up the great work!

Job Security

I am not a morning person and never have been. This is the ONLY thing that has ever been able to get me up on time. Best unemployment insurance you can buy

Best App To Get Your Sleepy Self Up!

Want to get up earlier but just cant? This is the app for you! Alarmy has helped me be so consistent with my morning workouts. Love it!!!

Im up!

This app gets me awake no problem

Wont work

I love this app however after a couple days of using it when I set an alarm to repeat on weekdays it wont repeat or go off at all. Ive tried deleting it and setting a new alarm but that doesnt seem to work either

Doesnt work

Ever since installing the update the alarm wont sound at all. I double-checked the volume and it was fine, and the history also didnt list the recent days. On the previous version the alarm went off inconsistently, the first photo I took to shut off the alarm each day never worked, and the screen of the app was slightly staggered below the physical screen, but I didnt expect the app to get even worse with the update.

Wish I had read reviews before buying

I really wish I had read the reviews before buying this app. It truly does not work. Worked great the first morning, and I was excited to have it going forward. However the past 2 day it has failed to go off and Ive been late for work each day as a result. We all rely heavily on our alarm clocks and trust that theyll do what they say theyre going to do. If they dont, you end up being late. I cant trust this one anymore and wish I could get my money back.

Amazing! Well worth the buy!

I had the hardest time getting out of bed! Entering grad school I knew I couldnt continue waking up 10 minutes before class, like I did in undergrad... Oops! I have had this app for a week and have been up at 6:30 everyday! I love it - so much more productive!!

Good alarm, but drains the battery

I like this alarm and the features it offers, but its the single biggest power user on my phone. While there is a low power setting, it significantly cripples the program.

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